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Core Curriculum: Full-Time Intensive Program

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We currently offer classes at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Classes meet for four hours each day, Monday through Friday. Our core classes are:

  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening/Speaking

Here is an example of what a student’s schedule might look like for each level.

Time Low/High Beginner Low/High Intermediate  Low/High Advanced
9 am EST Listening/Speaking (1 hour) Listening/Speaking (1 hour) Listening/Speaking (1 hour)
10 am EST Grammar/Writing (2 hours) Grammar/Writing (2 hours) Reading/Writing (2 hours)
1 pm EST Reading (1 hour) Reading (1 hour) Grammar (1 hour)

The weekly schedule and number of levels are subject to change, depending on enrollment.

Before classes: New student orientation

Each term begins with a two-day orientation to help students learn more about their classes, classmates, ELI, the University of Tennessee, and the city of Knoxville. Students will learn about the resources that they have access to at UT, such as health facilities, the library, and the International House.

Which level will I be in?

At the beginning of each term, ELI gives new students a placement test to check the best level for them in ELI courses.

Student Counseling and Guidance

Instructors serve as advisors and are available to advise students with problems like homesickness, housing, and college applications.


At the end of each term, students can take the ITP TOEFL. The cost of the test is included in your tuition. Non-ELI students can take the ITP TOEFL at ELI for $75.