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Linda Rahbar Retiring This Summer

Linda Rahbar is retiring from ELI at the end of the Summer term. She has served as an instructor at ELI since 1981. Prior to joining ELI, she taught at and owned a language school in Iran. She says the best part of her job is that ELI allowed her great professional and personal flexibility.

After more than 30 years of teaching, Mrs. Rahbar has observed many changes to ELI and the ESOL profession. She says that teaching is much more professional and structured than when she began. She has also learned that anyone can learn English – in some cases it just takes a lot of time. She reached this conclusion by interacting with students who didn’t seem to progress a lot in ELI class — then she met them a few years after their time at ELI and noticed how their proficiency had improved.

After retiring, Mrs. Rahbar plans on taking care of her baby granddaughter and getting her house organized.