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Intensive Academic English

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The English Language Institute offers Intensive Academic English classes to prepare you for success at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Our 8-week intensive program classes meet 5 days a week, 4-5 hours per day, at six levels of proficiency from beginning to pre-university. Enrichment classes include film, American culture, TOEFL preparation, and other topics.

Classes include:

  • English Structure and Usage (Grammar)
  • Writing and Composition Skills in Multiple Rhetorical Modes
  • Academic Reading Skills and Vocabulary Development
  • Speaking Fluency and Listening Comprehension

You will learn how to write researched essays, give oral presentations, work with classmates to get the most out of your reading, understand the rapid spoken English of classroom teachers, and speak more fluently.

Elective classes vary from term to term. Recent offerings have included American movies, conversation, and TOEFL preparation. Daily assignments are given for all classes.

Students are tested frequently and grades are scaled using a traditional A, B, C, F system. A grade of NP (No Promotion) is given to students who have not improved enough to go on to the next level of study. Students receive a Certificate of Completion at an end-of-term luncheon.


$3,080 for each 8-week session

Sample Weekly Schedule

Full-time students begin classes at 9:00 a.m. and end classes at 2 or 3 p.m. The weekly schedule is subject to change, depending on enrollment and classroom availability.


Session Dates
Fall I 2022 August 15 – October 7
Fall II 2022 October 17 – December 9
Spring I 2023 January 9 – March 4
Spring II 2023 March 20 – May 12
Summer 2023 June 5 – July 31
Fall I 2023 August 14 – October 6

Conditional Admission

International students who meet all admission requirements except for the English proficiency requirement may be admitted to UT with conditional admission. This means that you will first enroll in the English Language Institute (ELI), where you will attend English classes designed to help you develop English proficiency and prepare you for UT.

You will begin a degree program when you attain the required score on the institutional TOEFL, which is offered at no additional cost at the end of each ELI session, or when you complete ELI’s highest level and receive a letter of recommendation from ELI.

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Computer Laboratory

The computer-assisted language learning laboratory is an important part of each student’s program. Multimedia software is available for 400+ hours of English language study and practice. Students can use the lab for email, online browsing, and word processing.

Student Placement

At the beginning of each term, students are assigned to levels according to their ability in each language skill area based on placement test results and instructor evaluations of student proficiency.

Student Counseling and Guidance

Faculty serve as advisors and are available to counsel problems like homesickness and housing. Students are also assisted in applying for admission to US colleges or universities.


One institutional TOEFL is given each term to all ELI students. The cost of the test is included in tuition. The average gain in the total TOEFL score for full-time ELI students is five to six points per week of instruction, and some students increase their scores significantly more.

Additional Curriculum

In addition to the full-time intensive English program, ELI offers part-time study for non-native speakers in the US. An I-20 is issued for full-time study only. The I-20 is a document certifying a student has been admitted to a program and has demonstrated sufficient financial resources to stay in the US. The I-20 is officially called the Certificate of Eligibility because it allows an individual to apply for an F-1 student visa at a US embassy or consulate abroad. Contact ELI for details, including fees.

Student Orientation

A two-day orientation program begins each session to help students acclimate to attending class in the US. Social, cultural, and educational activities are organized during the term. Students have luncheons, parties, and picnics, among other activities. The cost of these activities is included in the ELI tuition and maintenance fee, and attendance is required. Other activities are occasionally organized by instructors, for which students must pay their own expenses.

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