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ELI Alumni Spotlight: Maha from Saudi Arabia

Maha attended the ELI for two terms in 2016. In one of those terms, she participated in a big debate that was watched by about 50 other students! She has some very kind words about the ELI:

“The ELI means so much to me. It is basically where I started.”

Currently she is a sophomore studying health sciences at Saint Louis University in Missouri. She is majoring in Medical Laboratory Science. She has just started doing research with one of the department’s faculty members, too, which is very impressive because it’s not that common for undergraduates. So, that’s quite an achievement. And yet, she says, “Despite all of that, I’m still learning English”. We also asked her what she does in her free time. Here’s what she said:

“No free time in college. You guys were right! 🙂 But if there is any, I like reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.”

The ELI tries to prepare students not only for English but also for life as a university student. That means learning that being busy is part of the job.

We remember Maha as a strong, independent, and motivated student. We are so happy she is doing well and on her way to doing great things!