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Welcome and Orientation Information–Argentina: Friends of Fulbright Undergraduate Student Exchange

Welcome and Orientation Information

Argentina: Friends of Fulbright Undergraduate Student Exchange

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Your travel will be arranged by program organizers in Argentina. Your final arrival/departure point should be TYS (Knoxville, Tennessee).

Arrival date is January 6, orientation is from January 7 – 9, and classes begin January 10. Departure date is January 24. A full program schedule of events and activities will be posted in mid-December.

Please click here for information about immunization requirements and the packet that must be submitted to UTK.  After a medical professional has completed the form, you should submit it to or the packet can be submitted as instructed on the web site.  Once the immunization is submitted, you will receive a notification from the Student Health Center via your Vol Email. Please check your email after submission to ensure your compliance.

You may contact if you have questions about your immunization status.

Note that typically, many people have not had the meningitis (Meningococcal ACWY*) vaccination. If you are younger than 22, you must have had this vaccination after your 16th birthday. If you are unable to get a meningitis immunization before arriving at UTK, you will be scheduled for a vaccination at the UTK Student Health Center as a part of your orientation.

Please be aware that YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO MOVE INTO A UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE until you have supplied proof of immunizations, including the meningitis vaccine. This may require that you stay at a hotel (at your own expense) until you have supplied this information.

Please submit this information by January 2, 2018.

UTK staff will meet you at the Knoxville, Tennessee (TYS) airport. Please note that because of increased security, staff must meet you beyond the secure area.

Wait for UTK staff to meet you at the baggage claim area. Our airport is small and our staff will be able to find you.

Please be aware that if your flight has been delayed or changed, UTK will contact the airline to try and find your new schedule. And if possible you should try to contact UTK staff at (865) 274-6716.

Once you have found a UTK staff member, she/he will assist you with your luggage and transport you to campus, which is about 20 minutes from the TYS airport.

You will have a class schedule arranged for you by International Partnerships and Exchanges Staff (

To request classes, please complete the following steps by December 1st:

  • Click here for course timetable
  • Search by Term: Spring 2018
  • Then search by subject: for example – “Chemical and Biomolecular Engr”
  • Click “Class Search” at the bottom of the page

This list will give all courses in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering for the Spring 2018 semester.  In general, 100 level course = 1st year. 200 level = 2nd year.  300 level = 3rd year.  400 level = 4th year.  No 500, 600, or 800 level course are allowed.

  • Choose at least eight (8) courses with no more than two (2) 400 level courses and three (3) 300 level courses.

You may choose courses from across different course subjects.

  • Email your requested courses to with your name and Friends of Fulbright Exchange Program in the Subject line.

Your campus ID Card (Volcard) allows you access to campus events and facilities (including your dormitory). You will receive your Volcard on Monday, January 8. Click here for details about the Volcard.

You will be staying in one of our campus residence halls. Each room will contain two beds and all rooms are equipped with a bathroom. You will need to bring or purchase linens and towels for the bed, and you may want to bring or purchase other personal items for use in your room. Room assignments will not be determined until you arrive in January; in most cases, you will be assigned to share a room or suite with other students who are not part of the Friends of Fulbright Exchange Program. Click here for campus housing information. Also see 

You will receive a UTK ID card (VolCard) with funds loaded “electronically” on your card. When you go to a campus cafeteria or snack shop, you may purchase food with the card and the cost of the items will be deducted from your card. Note that you will also receive a cash allowance for meals which you may use to eat off campus.

You will receive the following allowances during your stay in the U.S.

Meals: While in Knoxville, you will receive funds for meals. Some of this will be “loaded” on to your Volcard. You will also receive a smaller cash payment for times that you may need to purchase meals off campus.

Book/materials allowance: $400

Note that the book allowance will not be dispersed until about 15 days after your arrival in Knoxville.

You are responsible for laundry, purchase of personal products, phone calls, etc.

You may not travel on your own outside of the Knoxville/East Tennessee community except during weekends when there are no activities scheduled. If you do choose to travel, be sure to notify the program coordinator about your planned departure and return.

If you have friends or family members who would like to visit you while you are in Knoxville, you should communicate with the Program Coordinator to make advanced arrangements. Visits from family members or friends should not interfere with Program activities. Visitor participation in group activities or events is subject to approval from program staff. In general, visitors are not allowed to travel in university vans or buses.

You will have access to Hodges Library, located in the middle of the UTK campus. Reference librarians will be available during normal library hours and you can chat with a librarian online anytime. You will have access to all library databases and electronic resources via your campus “NET ID” through May 2018.

During your stay in Tennessee, you will have wireless internet access anywhere on campus. You are welcome to bring your own laptop computer and cell phone. If you don’t have a computer or prefer not to bring one, you may also use computers in any campus computer lab. You will be assigned a NET ID which authorizes and validates your access to various campus computing systems. You should be able to set up your NET ID at this site in late December or early January.

UTK will provide transportation to field trips and for cultural excursions in our passenger vans. You may use the campus bus (T-Access) system free of charge. For other travel in and around Knoxville, you can use the KAT bus system; fares cost about $1.50 one-way.

The style of dress on campus is mostly casual. Tennessee’s weather during the winter months is relatively cold (usually about 10C). Most days you will need to wear heavier clothing (pants, long-sleeve shirts, etc.) and usually a jacket or coat is necessary.

We recommend that you bring one set or more of formal clothes for special functions, and sturdy, comfortable shoes for walking and tours.

Laundry machines are available in all residence halls. You can pay for the machines by loading money onto your UT ID card (Volcard) and swiping the card at the machine.

While you are attending the course, you may receive mail or packages at the following address:

Your Name

c/o English Language Institute, University of Tennessee

600 Henley Street, Suite 120

Knoxville, TN 37902

You will be staying in the time zone called “Eastern Time” which covers all of the eastern United States, including New York and Washington, DC. This zone is four hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time in the summer (GMT -4).

Weather in East Tennessee winters can be unpredictable. The days are typically cold with a temperature of around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can be wetter and cooler, especially at night. It is advisable to bring warm clothing. Program staff will assist you with the purchase of clothing during your orientation here if necessary.

In the United States, you will be covered by a health insurance plan. The insurance covers any accident or injury you may sustain while you are here. You will have a co-payment every time you visit the doctor. The policy does not cover preventive services like regular check-ups, blood tests, dental check-ups, eyeglasses or contact lenses, and the policy may not cover pre-existing conditions.

You will also have access to the UTK health center, which provides no-cost or low-cost services. Unless you have an emergency, you should visit the UTK health center before going to a hospital or private doctor.

If you happen to be injured or need immediate medical care, we recommend that you visit the UT Medical Center Emergency Room which discounts costs for participants in UTK programs.

Here are some additional items you might find useful to bring from home:

  1. Medication that you are currently taking (access to prescribed drugs will vary in the U.S.)
  2. Medical history if you are under treatment or prone to illness
  3. Non-prescription remedies that you may commonly use (herbal, etc.)
  4. Extra pair of eyeglasses or personal hygiene products that may not be available in the U.S.
  5. A winter coat, umbrella or raincoat.
  6. Sports equipment such as tennis racket – though you can also borrow sports equipment from our campus recreation facilities.
  7. A small token or gift from your country as a “thank you” to families whom you visit or other friends.
  8. Sports clothes/bathing suit if you plan to work out or exercise.
  9. A photocopy of your passport main page and the visa page. (We would advise that the copy be kept separately from the original.)

If you want to get a cell phone while in the U.S., we recommend purchasing a phone (or SIM card for your phone) and using a pre-paid phone service. There are several vendors near campus where phones/cards may be purchased. You may also want to contact your cell phone provider in Argentina about using your existing service while in the USA.


If you have other questions about the program or about your stay in Tennessee, contact